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Take an old photograph and let me bring it back to life for you. Honor a loved one who has passed away. Gift a portrait to a new couple to decorate their home. Upgrade that celebrity poster hanging on your teenager's bedroom with an iconic painting. Instead of a birthday card, gift a birthday painting. 

Or maybe you want a new shot - let's capture it! I work with some truly amazing photographers that I’m happy to refer you to based on your desired look and location! A senior portrait that your parents can hang on to when you leave the nest (cause trust me, they're going to miss you); an album cover with some art that is unlike anyone else; an extra special photo of you on your wedding day to make creating those 'thank you' cards easier than ever. 

You name it, I'm into it. Whatever your idea is, I'm here to help make it happen. 

Here's how it works:

1. PICK YOUR PHOTOGRAPH: Old or new. Whether you have a photo in mind already or want to schedule a photo shoot for some new content, give me a shout at c.a.long@comcast.net. Like I said, I’m happy to link you up with one of my photo wizards to capture your new moments!

2. WE'LL DISCUSS DETAILS: Pricing for paintings varies based on details (the color, size and medium, for example). I am happy to work with you to achieve your ideal piece. 

3. PRICING: After steps one and two are completed and I have the full information for the piece you desire, I'll send you an estimate. 

4. COMPLETION: Depending on my schedule, completion may take anywhere from one week to several weeks. Please let me know in your initial inquiry if you need your piece by a certain deadline.