poppy painting.jpg

Why ‘WHITE POPPY’ Studio?

< - - - Look to the left. Ya see that?

That’s what’s in the name. The first thing I ever painted - a rendition of Georgia O’Kieffes ‘Oriental Poppies,’ which hangs on a ceiling tile in my high school’s art hallway. After this piece, I put the brush down for about four years, unaware of how it would be so indicative of my future relationship with art.

Painting has ‘resurrected’ me from some dark times and taught me how to bring happier captured moments and memories ‘back to life’, which is one symbolic interpretation of the poppy flower; but they also have a connotation of death and eternal sleep. (Wizard of Oz anyone?)

While this dichotomy works for the subjects of my paintings since I do a lot of memorial pieces, I wanted the ‘WHITE’ to reflect a lightness, a more positive symbolism.